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Luxury Italian Pool Copings

The first FULLY bespoke Italian porcelain swimming pool coping is available at Oxford Architectural stone. Many companies offer cutting and finishing services in porcelain already but buying a 900x600 slab and cutting it down to your specifications isn't really a bespoke service. We offer COMPLETE choice in your design, choose your own size, surface finish, edge detailing and leave it to our Italian partners to create your luxury one of a kind pool surround. The added benefit is we wont charge you anymore than our standard price per Sq metre prices ensuring you get the best quality with fair prices. UK companies offering onsite masonry services in Porcelain can be expensive, so why not choose a complete bespoke coping, designed by, created by us.


The Bespoke Porcelain Coping

Available only at Oxford Stone

The surrounding choice for your pool

Step 1 . 

Choose your porcelain colour, in our CASA AMOR luxury Italian range we have many collections with variety of colours available, choose any form HERE.

Step 2 . 

Choose your Porcelain pool coping size, you can even have different sizes for different sides if required, go as large as 1200x1200 or simply create a pool border with an elegant 1000x200, maybe a simple tile size 200x200?The choice is completely yours.


Step 3 . 

Choose your porcelain edge profile, see the picture below and decide what you want to see from the inside of the pool, our helpful team will be happy to talk through the different options if you're unsure.

Step 4. 

Speak with our helpful team to determine the best surface finish for you, we have R11 non-slip finishing and it's crucial we make the right decision with you for your safety.

Step 5. 

Sit back and let us do our bit, we will be in constant contact with you through the creation stage so you know what's happening every step of the way.